October 21, 2014


The Westfjors in iceland is one of the places on earth in which you can really feel isolated.

As one of the less populated countries in the world, Iceland can make you feel many times alone. In this situation you can finally feel how it is to be so close to the nature.
Hear the slightest sound of a leaf that moves in the wind or the sound of flowing water far, far away.

Although we could drive to the Westfjords, we decided to take the ferry 'Baldur' and enjoy three hours of calm sailing from the beautiful little village called Stykkisholmur.
In the Westfjords the view is extraordinary. Red sand beaches and giant cliffs. The special structure of the land between the fjords is spectacular.

This particular place gave us the oportunity to see one of our dreams coming true. We had the magical, dreamy and amazing chance to view one of the best performances of the nature - the northern lights.

Those photos are nothing compare to the real thing, Hope you will enjoy anyway.

October 09, 2014


The past summer months were bit tough for me. If from personal health reasons or some other tough issues in our region, in understatement.
I hope that this autumn will bring some fresh winds of serenity and happiness.

And with this optimistic words, I would like continue the story about my trip to the land of the fire and ice - iceland. Which is actually more green than you can imagine.

Snaefellsness peninsula is a beautiful region in western Iceland.
Driving around the giant glacier covering the volcano is completely perfect experience in unique and different place.

From land covered in ice, to enormous cliffs kissing the sea. From Long grass that dancing to the music of the wind together with the waves that are touching the black sand beach to ancient lava fields which once were flowing into the sea.
You just can't decide where to look.

Enjoy my images!


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