July 14, 2014


Even before we landed in this beautiful place called iceland we experienced the magic of the place.
The trip we took is planed perfectly by Guy Gutraiman from another iceland.

On our first day We decided to take one diving day tour to the Silfra with dive.is to discover one of the most famous diving sites on earth.
My partner did snorkeling and I did two dives.

The silfra is a rift between two tectonic plates so that actually when you dive there you can touch Europe and America at the same time.

The road to the Silfra, which is located in the national park Thingvellir, still don't tell you all the secrets of this glorious land, you will reveal them one by one traveling across this country if, only if, it will decide tell it to you.

When we arrived to the small parking lot, we started to feel the magic in the air. I was a bit nervous about the fact that i'm going to dive into 2-4 celsius degrees of glacial water, but soon enough, thanks to the professionality of dive.is team I started to feel much better and just wanted to get into the water.

Even though I was fully equiped with winter clothing and dry diving suit, when I went down the silver ladder into the water the first thing I felt was the cold water on my hands and then after diving into this perfect blue mirror my head threatened to explode.
But, after a few seconds I started breathing the cold and clean air from the scuba tank and looked around me. the view was amazing and so extraordinary, a view that you just can't get used to.

The water in the Silfra are so lucid, some says the clearest on earth. That gives you strong feel of hovering in this deep beautiful blue, during the dive.

In the second dive, it began to rain and it was as if someone threw a millions of diamonds to the water.

The pictures here are all pictures of dive.is and can, almost, speak by themselves.


July 01, 2014

Cherry Blossom

To the blooming trees their own magic.
Seeing the cherry blossom, which being called Sakura by the Japanese, was an amazing experience.
Every year during April the cherry trees are blooming, wearing their beautiful white flowers dress and spreading sweet delicate aroma to the air which reminds a bit the taste of a cherry.While walking between the trees in the perfect weather of a sunny spring day you can feel as you just being thrown into a fairy tale. Or may i say into flairytale.